Things You Need to do to Insure Better Sex Life

If you feel that you have done everything that is within your power to insure that you and your partner will continue to have that same intensity and passion as you first met each other. But nothing seems to be working for you. Maybe it’s time to do some drastic measure in bringing back the flame into your relationship.

You need to check the different factor that affects your intimate moment together. Check if its work or a different thing. Most of the couple just tends to have their passion for each other fade away because of how busy their life have become. Mostly the wife and the husband would come home tired and no longer have the energy to share an amazing time in bed together. Another reason is because you have all these distractions you put inside your room such as your TV, gadgets among other things. This will also hinder your intimate moments together.

503d4e3d3bbc0Consider Going on a Vacation
If you worry that you might lose your partner because you no longer have time for her. It is best that you plan a great weekend getaway for just the two of you or a good long vacation to a romantic place. Treat it as your second honeymoon. This way you will be able to remind her qualities that she likes best in you. This will also provide you with all the time that you need for each other.

503d4e97dbd04Stay at Home & Just Unplug Everything
If you are a little short with your budget or can’t find time to stay away from home you can also plan out a great Nubiles-porn in your home. Just make sure that you both have your schedule free for a day or two so that you will have enough time to enjoy each other’s company. You can also try and unplugged all the gadgets and electronics that you feel might distract your focus away from each other. This way you will be able to do things that you have been dreaming of doing. You can even surprise your partner with a romantic dinner together with a romantic bedroom set up for later.

Once you have rekindled your old flame try to avoid the mistakes that you have been doing. Clean out your room and try to remove the TV set. Make a rule that you should not use any gadget or anything while inside the bedroom and whoever breaks it gets punished. Try to think of a fun way to punish each other so that you will have another new bonding moment that you can look forward to every time you both feel like doing it.

The most important thing is that you both needs to be willing to learn and work things out so that you will make your relationship last. If you are able to survive this you are in this together for a long time and you will surely both be open to new adventures in bed together as a couple and you will certainly think mofos i know that girl.

Roleplaying as Cop & Criminal

If there is something in the pov porn hd scene in reality or in a movie that has been overly used it is probably the cop and criminal scene. Mostly the cop is the man and the woman is the bad girl being punished. This is commonly used because it is easy to follow and conversation can be easily done impromptu or can easily be incorporated with dirty talk. So if you and your partner is trying out roleplaying for the first time before you do your bed session then this is the best thing that you can consider.

If you’re going to play the cop you can easily find several costumes that you can actually use during your roleplaying. Sometimes there’s gender reversal and the female wears a sexy cop outfit that can totally work as well. You can plan on doing and alternate role play once you get the hand of it. Mostly as the role play goes the cop will be the one who will lead in the sex. They will usually start with providing pleasure to the criminal or it can also be the other way around since the criminal is the bad one. The best thing about doing role playing is that there’s really no limit to what you can do.

As for the props you can consider on using handcuffs for your criminal or rope depending on what you can easily access. There is some couple that even goes as far as using bat and toy guns as well. But the most common and simple thing to have is naughty office porn. You will have endless of things that you can do with it. You can consider on using it to your partner and let them enjoy what you have plan for them. They will not be able to touch you and you can even maximize their pleasure by covering their eyes. With limited senses they will become more sensitive to what you are doing to their body thus providing more pleasure. If you are ready to take on the pay back you can decide to free your partner from the handcuff.

Of course there are other things that you can consider on using once you both enjoyed your role playing game. It is important that you both are willing to do variations every time. This will help you keep the passion alive and will make you both look forward to your new adventure in bed. Just make sure that you have asked your partner first and that they fully agreed with your plans. You can also try and prepare for your script and provide an easy reply to your partner to what they want you to do with them. This will be a fun idea and at the same time you still have the element of surprise because your partner doesn’t have any clue to what you are planning.

All your effort just to make your role playing night extra special and make it look like the real work out will surely not go unnoticed and you will surely enjoy what reward your partner will give to you afterwards.

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